These symptoms are presented as the symptoms that people with anxiety or depression most often experience. Keep in mind that it’s possible to experience symptoms that aren’t mentioned here as well.

The symptoms are the same for any anxiety disorder. Maybe you are experiencing multiple symptoms and maybe some that you’re feeling are not mentioned here. You may feel symptoms which can be different or more/less intense than others. It does not mean anything as we are all made of different materials.

If you suffer from anxiety disorder, it is likely that you may experience symptoms mentioned here.

Note that it is not important to understand the physiology of the human body, it is important to remember that every symptom that you feel can be explained. Stop asking yourself “what if” questions and do something which is fun for you instead.
You’ll feel better, you just need the time and effort.

Feel free to click on the symptoms you’re having to find out more information about them.

Chest pain
Derealisation and depersonalisation
Dry mouth
Feeling of suffocation and breathlessness
Fear of insanity and loss of control
Headaches/feeling of tight band around your head
Hormonal problems
Hearing disorder
Indigestion, constipation and diarrhea
Increased depression and suicidal thoughts
Increased sensitivity to light, sound, touch and smell
Noodle in throat and difficulty swallowing
Obsessions and obsessive thoughts
Pain in the face or jaw like toothache
Palpitations, racing heart and slow heart rate
Problems with vision (distorted images)
Power juices of the body
Sense of horror and a tingling sensation in the skin
Stinging eyes
Weakness and tingling in hands and feet

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