Obsession and obsessive thoughts are probably one of the worst symptoms of anxiety disorder a person can experience more than any other symptom they assure” a person that he/she is on the road to insanity , that person is convinced of something and thinks that “there is no salvation”. A person may have an obsession that after leaving the house several times to check if the door is locked, even though he knows that it is.
However, there are clear and obsessive thoughts, that is, without any action required to be performed. These obsessive thoughts can be very exhausting for a person, mentally and physically. Thus, for example the often thoughts that occur in people are obsessive thoughts such as “What if I hurt myself or others?” “or what if I do something bad?”
Understand that the more you try to get rid of these thoughts, to forget about these obsessive thoughts your obsession will become stronger and stronger and you will not be successful. You’ll never get rid of this obsession if you deliberately try to forget it . How could a man deliberately forget something ? Just accept and surrender to these obsessions and obsessive thoughts. Know that they will be a part of you for a temporary period of time.