Depression is a word that is often incorrectly used to describe a variety of conditions . Every day I hear people say, “I’m depressed, I feel terrible, and I’ve had enough “. This, in most cases, is not depression.
Go for a walk, a run or to the gym. If you’re fed up , that’s okay , anxiety is a terrible situation. But if you win you’ll find a reason to live life to the fullest .
I promise you that you will definitely come out of this situation stronger than when you went into it . Thinking it would be best to kill yourself not only is cowardly but also terribly selfish. You’ll be a stronger person if you fight and win this state. Life may seem difficult, but life is difficult, either for you or for your loved ones.
If you love life, fight for it! Persevere and you will have a more enlightened life, you will see the dark side of existence and will come out the other side. Buddhist monks go that way for years to achieve enlightenment, and you’ll get so by getting better.
Going through this illness makes you become much stronger and intelligent person . You will know what it means to love and be loved, to live life to love every moment and everything that it represents.