We all have a fear of insanity and loss of control, but rest assured that you will not go crazy. Insanity is not a deliberate act. Those who suffer from serious mental illness are not aware of their way to it. You will not become insane.
Chaotic neural messages from the brain to the nerves of a tired and weary body do not mean insanity. Thoughts are unaware of the product of brain activity. If you are anxious, sad, angry or stressed, it affects your mind and not only mood but also body chemistry.
The concentration of oxygen in the blood can influence the activity of the brain and central nervous system, as well as other chemicals such as adrenaline weight, and even hormones and vitamins. These unpleasant thoughts, feelings and totally irrational fears cannot harm you or others.
Any thoughts about harming yourself or others are just a thought. As the body relaxes and becomes less anxious, thought process goes back to normal.